Ronnie Mervis Biography

“From deep in the mines of South Africa… this is Ronnie Mervis” — for many people in the DC area, it’s these words on the radio that familiarizes them with both our company, and our CEO, Ronnie Mervis.

For almost 30 years, Ronnie has written all his own radio advertising and loves nothing more than telling our family’s story. It’s a family history rooted in the diamond mines, as Ronnie tells in his ads with sounds of dynamite blasting in the background.

The Mervis family originates from Johannesburg, South Africa — where Ronnie and his brothers Zed and Kenny were all born and raised. Their father Morris Mervis founded the family’s diamond company with his brothers.

Ronnie received both a Law and MBA degree in South Africa, graduating from the University of Witwatersrand

In 1981, Ronnie and Zed Mervis expanded the family’s business to the Washington, DC area. The brothers imported diamonds from South Africa and sold wholesale to jewelry stores up and down the East Coast.

Word spread that these brothers had direct access to great diamonds and increasingly individuals would ask to purchase just one for themselves. And so the strategy was born– to bring the sophistication of wholesale diamond buying direct to the public. Mervis opened to the public the first Mervis Diamond location in Rockville, Maryland. The concept worked. Soon after, they opened in Tysons and Washington, DC as well.

Outside of the diamond business, Ronnie enjoys golf and spending time with his adorable grandchildren. With a keen sense of humor and wit, he’s quick with a joke and loves meeting new people.