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6 thoughts on “Love advice

  1. My boyfriend and I are looking at rings to become engaged, but he wants to wait another year, I want to be engaged NOW. Is he waiting because he doesn’t love me?

  2. My gut feeling is that if he is willing to go look at rings with you, then he does plan on eventually buying one for you. That’s the good news. He probably is in love with you, wants to marry you one day, but for now he’s thinking, I’M SCARED, WHAT’S THE RUSH?
    So, the best and most healthy thing to do is simply to have an open dialogue with him. Tell him exactly your concerns, i.e. Do you really love me? Give him a chance to answer. He might tell you that the only reason he wants to wait is because he can’t afford a ring right now. I’ve seen it a million times before. One guy told me he had to postpone an engagement three times until he could put together enough cash for the ring. If that’s the case, and you believe that it’s not just an excuse, hopefully it will put you at ease.
    But don’t let him wiggle his way out of this entirely. Let him know that it’s the meaning and intention of the engagement ring that you are looking for, and not (only) the ring itself. Maybe you can arrange to buy a “starter” ring now, at a price range he can afford, and then at some later point trade it in for a larger and more impressive rock.
    We have a fantastic Upgrade Policy, giving you 100% value for any previous diamond purchase to apply towards a new purchase. And with no minimum requirement in price difference. I have some clients who routinely come back to me every 5 years or so for another upgrade. It’s a win-win for everyone. Maybe start the tradition now and go for a small ring today just to get the ball rolling…
    Let me know how it goes.

  3. Ronnie,
    I think my girlfriend is going to propose to me. Just trust me on this. She’s the type, and I’ve heard her friends making little jokes about it the last couple times we’ve been out. I’m young and open-minded, but this might be too much for me. Should I do a preemptive strike and beat her to the punch?

  4. Allen:

    First, never use the word “punch” when your talking about proposing. You don’t want to jinx yourself. Seriously, though, I understand your feelings. If you’re ready to propose, then be a man of action. Show her that you’re committed and go after what you want. You might ruin her surprise, but I think she’ll be thrilled – what woman wouldn’t be thrilled to have you? And besides, even if you’ve proposed to her, she can always propose to you after that. You might steal a little of her glory, but love will win in either case! And you’ll have a great story for your grandchildren.

  5. Dear Ronnie,

    This might seem like an odd question, but I figured if anyone could answer it, you could, since you are basically like a master of jewels! A close relative of mine is having a legal situation and might (unfairly) be going to spend some time in a correctional facility in the near future. We pray to God this doesn’t happen, but if it does happen, well, this relative loves her jewelry more than anything else on earth! Is she allowed to take diamonds into jail? They can cut glass so I thought maybe they are not allowed to stop escapes and also a solitaire diamond ring could cause some true damage in a fight right. Could you recommend some prison jewelry that is acceptable to the authorities but also attractive and practical for the inmates?? Thank you for the time and say hi to Zed!

  6. Dear Darvin,
    I would imagine that as an inmate, I would want to look as unattractive to the other inmates as possible. You actually want them to look at you in disgust. My advice is to pick up a disproportionate diamond from a cheap mall store and you’ve got your bases covered.
    If the prison guards give your relative any trouble in terms of security, tell them you guys are with me and I said it’s cool.

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