Hiring: Digital Marketing Manager

We aim to do a simple thing: Create marketing that people love.

Our clients aren’t just buying diamond jewelry, they’re couples in love and about to make the biggest decision of their lives. They’re planning futures together, starting families, and doing it all for the first time. They’re researchers, inquisitive for knowledge and learning as they go.

We have an incredible opportunity as marketers to create rich, emotional content that truly resonates. We’re believers in content marketing and we’re fortunate to find ourselves in a conversation about diamond jewelry, inherently visual and emotional. Our clients are brimming with happy stories, pictures, curiosities, etc.


At a company size of 30 people, you’ll have the opportunity to create and manage holistic marketing campaigns. You’re not stuck in any one silo and will need to use the right tools at the right time to get the job done.

  • Email Marketing Automation. Leverage Hubspot platform for lead generation and lead nurturing via email marketing. Build conditional workflows and logical sequences that make our clients happy and bring them in the door. Emphasis here on the automation process and building the marketing team of the future. You have a good brain and we want you to spend less time on the tedious and more time on being awesome, smart, and learning new skills!
  • Strategize and manage content creation. Content to include blogs, articles, landing pages, FAQ’s, infographics, etc.
  • Manage a team of contributors, both internally and as freelancers.
  • Work towards strategic goals, using Google Analytics to understand consumer response and iterate accordingly.

According to your experience and interest, you may manage or contribute to:

  • Paid search, SEM
  • Sponsored social ads
  • Website improvements, conversion rate optimization


  • Entrepreneurial mindset to see the big picture and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Proficient in Google Analytics
  • Experience in Email Marketing
  • Strong communication skills


Apply Here:



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