Ronnie Mervis on ABC News Washington Business Report

In this video, ABC news interviews Ronnie Mervis on the family diamond business and how him and his brother Zed Mervis brought their father’s business and dream to the U.S.

This video covers a little bit of the Mervis family History and how Ronnie went from an Attorney in Johannesburg, South Africa to one the DC area’s most recognized voices.

Ronnie also goes into detail about conflict diamonds and how the movie ‘Blood Diamonds’ caused controversy for the diamond trade. A conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgency or invading army’s war efforts, or to support a warlord’s activity.

Mervis upholds a strict 100% Conflict Free promise on all our diamonds. Rest assured that all persons involved in the mining process are treated ethically in a responsible manner. We cooperate fully with governmental imposed responsibility and we comply with all components of the Kimberley Process, created in 2003 , to prevent the mining and distribution of illicit diamonds.



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