Engagement Ring Debate: Outmoded or Classic Tradition?


Trend Spotter & Co. wonders how relevant the engagement ring really is anymore. Some argue that it’s expensive and unnecessary. Others maintain that an engagement just isn’t an engagement if a man isn’t on bended knee with a ring in his hand.

From my angle, I don’t see the tradition fading at all. It’s ingrained in our culture and simply too beautiful for most women to resist. It’s one thing to skip out on an old family tradition that’s boring and irrelevant to your modern life, but when it comes to something that will give you so much pleasure for years to come, what’s the point?

 I’ve heard some women tell me that they never want to wear a diamond after seeing the film, Blood Diamond. This I understand well because the movie was jarring and played a very important role in educating consumers of the problem of conflict diamonds in West Africa.  The situation there was tragic, but thankfully, it’s now resolved.

All diamonds in our stores are 100% certified as conflict-free. This is the case with most reputable jewelers.  In fact, if you’re concerned about the ongoing welfare of the African mining communities, buying a legitimate African diamond is probably the best thing you can do to support them. Diamonds and precious metals are some of the only resources these poor countries have and make up a large portion of their GDPs. It only does them a disservice when consumers avoid all African diamonds, citing ethical reasons.

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