Giving an empty ring box


I saw pretty a funny movie in the theaters the other night, Knocked Up. It tells the story of a not-so-traditional couple who accidentally discover love through a misunderstanding in the bedroom. It has some clever lines and worth a few laughs.

In one memorable scene, the main character gets down on one knee and proposes with an empty ring box. He’s unemployed and can’t afford an engagement ring now, but he promises to make up for it one day. I know it’s just Hollywood, but I hope this doesn’t start a trend or else I might be the unemployed one.

The film was written and directed (I think) by the same guys who did 40 Year Old Virgin and so you can expect the same type of humor. It’s by no means the greatest movie of the year, but you and your fiancee might find it particularly interesting. Check it out.

One thought on “Giving an empty ring box

  1. You’d have to switch to selling diamond-encrusted jewelry boxes or something. I’m linking to your blog now, btw. Remember what I said about blogging. šŸ™‚

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