Don’t let sunblock ruin your ring

It’s hard to keep a diamond ring clean. Diamonds are natural grease attractors and can become coated with grease when they are immersed in dishwater or when they come in contact with lotions or natural skin oils. Powders, hair spray and soap also cut down on a diamond’s brilliance.

Keeping your diamond looking like a diamond is even more important now in the summertime, when rubbing sunblock becomes a regular activity.

A safe and easy way to clean a diamond ring is to soak and wash it in warm sudsy water using a mild liquid detergent. Then it can be dried with a soft, lint-free cloth. If the dirt on the diamond cannot be washed off after soaking, try using a tooth pick, a Water Pick or unwaxed dental floss to removed caked-on dirt. An old, soft toothbrush works well too, but beware of hard bristles that can scratch gold mountings!

 Jewelry Cleaner

You can also buy one of the brand-name liquid jewelry cleaners, which usually include a container of cleaner, a basket to soak the ring in and a small brush to clean hard to get at areas. Read the label and follow its instructions. Don’t touch your clean diamonds with your fingers since that simply puts oil back on them.

Ethyl alcohol and ammonia are also good for cleaning diamonds because they help avoid the problem of water spots.

To get rid of encrusted dirt, it is sometimes necessary to have the diamond cleaned professionally with steamers and ultrasonics. You’re welcome to come in and let us do the polishing. If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your ring, you‘ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the results. The sparkle will be back!

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