My first stint as a journalist

mervis-newspaper.jpgStarting next month, I’ll be writing my own love column in OnTap magazine! It’s a fun publication self-described as “metro area’s magazine for music, entertainment, nightlife and culture.” I’m not sure which one of those categories I fall under… DC culture? But in any case, I’m excited. After so many years of working with the media, this should be a fun metamorphosis as I become a part of the media.

I want this to be interesting and relevant to our readers, so I need your help. The theme of the column is love and dating in DC, but I have latitude within that. What do you want to hear about?

Just respond to this post with topics, ideas, or specific questions that you would want to see answered in print. Thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “My first stint as a journalist

  1. I want to hear more about how going 2 miles underground gets your adrenaline pumping.

    Is that a good first date?

  2. Just talk about some of the biggest diamonds you’ve ever sold and who were the freakin lucky girls to get them.

  3. I’m a bridesmaid and I want to look good at the wedding, but should I be concerned about wearing nicer diamonds than the bride? I have a gorgeous set of earrings that I desperately want to wear. Should I ask her what she plans to wear?

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