Top 5 Places to Propose in Washington


Before we get to the hot spots, some general advice is in order…

Wherever you choose to pop the question, personalizing your approach is key to making a memorable and very romantic moment. Only you know your girl best. What does she like? What are your inside jokes? Where did you first meet? When did you really know she was the one? In my next post, I’ll feature some of the best romantic stories, so I’ll save the anecdotes for later. But I just didn’t want to rattle off my five favorite spots and not say something about the technique.

If there’s ever a time in life to be a gentleman, this is it.

And now my list. Starting from number 5.


5. If you’re a little funky and appreciate the beat of the drum, I have a little hidden secret to share: Meridian Hill Park. At 16th and Euclid NW, it’s an oasis of greenery and waterfalls that speaks to all your senses. Amidst the natural setting, four open air sculptures are all the more powerful. And as a bonus treat, venture over on a Sunday afternoon. Continuing a long-standing tradition in DC, a drum circle congregates with independent musicians and dancers from all walks of life. If you want to get the heart beating as a set-up to the big question, this is a sure-fire win.


4. If you or your lady are political types (and there’s no shortage of those around here) then maybe consider The Capitol Building. Some might disregard it as unoriginal, but it really is very romantic. Consider the architecture and its white prominence against the night, and it could be the perfect compliment to set the mood. As an added surprise, pop the question in the Statuary Hall, where an echo will make your words that much more magical.

birds.jpg3. The Woodend sanctuary at the Audubon Society headquarters in Chevy Chase has 40 acres of picture-perfect romance written all over it. If you’re a bird lover, or a woman-lover, it really doesn’t matter here. The sheer beauty of the place will enhance all the right sentiments.

2. The boardwalk at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria can be very romantic indeed. Overlooking the water, you have a great spot to ask the question before walking through the charm of Old Town for a candle-lit dinner.


1. A personal favorite of mine for many years, Great Falls offers numerous picture-esque spots for you. You have the option of viewing the Falls from either the Maryland side or the Virginia side. Both are great. Walk along the water path for a bit, then sneak down and make your own trail in the woods for a private setting. It’s sure to be spectacular!

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