Is this Afghanistan or Rockville Pike?

mervis diamonds in Rockville, MD - Elliot in the Morning DC 101

We’re getting ready to open our brand new and beautifully designed store on Rockville Pike. The space is perfect. It has large glass windows on four sides of the building, so we have amazing lighting conditions to showcase diamonds.


The site is currently under construction, but in the meantime we designed a 50 foot mural for the space. We’re bringing the “rocks” back to Rockville and we want people to know that something special is happening. We’ll be there soon. The mural went up yesterday, and in less than 24 hours, and with no warning, the landlord took it down and confiscated it. He claims that the photography is inappropriate because the models are not sufficiently covered up.


What?! Where are we living? Are we talking Afghanistan or Rockville Pike? We sell diamonds, an item of fashion and status. I think it’s acceptable to use fashion photography.


And more than that, a landlord has no right to take our property. Whether it’s appropriate or not, we spent time and money on designing and building it. It would only be respectful (and legal, mind you) to have written us a letter, asking to remove the mural.

2 thoughts on “Is this Afghanistan or Rockville Pike?

  1. WHAT?! Is your landlord Clear Channel or something? If they didn’t specify any restrictions on what you can put up and if the city of Rockville (or whatever jurisdiction your property is in) doesn’t have anything, then you can sue him. Or at least bill him for the mural.

  2. Thanks for the outrage and sympathy. We’ve been in discussion with them, and it appears they’ll allow 3 of the 4 panels of the mural to be put back up.

    Partial justice, I suppose.

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