Just go to South Africa yourselves


When planning your next vacation, you could do the beach thing again, or you could see Europe, but if you want to be really adventurous, then jump on the next Boeing heading for South Africa.

Explore the real jungle, Kruger National Park, and tell me if it doesn’t just blow your mind. This is nothing like you’re used to seeing at the DC Panda Zoo. It’s over 2 million hectares large, with 507 species of birds and 147 species of mammals. This is animal life, naturally how it was for millions of years before human civilization. Imagine it for a second.

Well on a game reserve like this, you’re in an open-air Jeep, and you have a peek at that moment. I’ve seen a group of lions chase after a giraffe and take it down. It’s truly amazing.

Look out for the noted, “Big Five”: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, and Rhino. Add to all this the ancient rock paintings and you have a life experience not to be missed.

TT1 Stay at Buhala Game Lodge for a few days. This small boutique lodge is situated on the banks of the Crocodile River overlooking the Kruger Park and is a true find. The food is excellent and as it is run by the owner the service caring and attentive.
TT2 Do go on at least one guided safari in the Lodge’s open safari vehicle. The guides are excellent and you stand much more chance of seeing the game as well as learning about the area. If you then feel adventurous, drive yourself around the park the next day.
TT3 If you are golfers don’t miss the opportunity staying at Buhala offers- their guests can play at the prestigious Leopard Creek Golf Club; a members only facility and surely the best golfing experience in Africa.
TT4 As a treat, book one of the Elephant House Suites at Buhala.
TT5 Try their great spa- I watched elephants playing in the river while having a massage!

Visit http://www.go2africa.com/for more info and please let me know what you think when you return

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