Give the people what they want!

It takes a lot of time and tremendous pressure to make a diamond. It’s the same for creating a blog, I suppose. Friends, clients, advisers and kindly strangers had been telling me for ages that the world would be a better place with a Ronnie Mervis blog in it; they applied different types of pressure to convince me they were right. “Ronnie, people love your radio ads,” they said, “but you need a personalized online presence, a blog, to really be with it, to really shine in our community. If you don’t blog, you’re missing a chance to sparkle.”


So here I am!


Like a chunk of carbon in the depths of a volcano or in the darkness of the ocean floor, I have succumbed to the forces enveloping me and have fashioned my virtual diamond in the blogosphere. I’m still getting used to the idea, though. Truth be told, I’m still trying to understand what exactly a blog is and what all the hoopla’s about. But here I am, Ronnie Mervis, blogger. Cue the dramatic music from my latest radio spot, please!


I love diamonds. I truly cherish the stories they create, the touching tales of people bound by love. This is why I do what I do. Diamonds symbolize so much in our culture, and to be able to match a person to the diamond that’s perfect for them is why I get up in the morning. What will Ronnie Mervis blog about? I’ll blog about what I know best: the world’s finest diamonds and love stories; tales of incredible marriage proposals and the couples they joined together; how I can help you when you’re looking for a diamond. Anything to reveal the joys of love and diamonds!


For now, my blog is a diamond in the rough. In the coming weeks, I will be cutting and polishing it so its beauty will appeal to you and lure you to it. I hope to entertain and inspire, and get you excited about diamonds. You’ll definitely learn something — the best places to propose, the “four Cs,” the workings of a diamond mine, the priceless memories love and diamonds create.


So, check back often to read what’s on my mind. Leave your comments and start a conversation. Whether you’re a diamond aficionado, a love-struck romantic or simply somebody who wants to opine about anything under the sun, I’m looking forward to blogging with you. Because I am now officially Ronnie Mervis, blogger!

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